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Ravio’s real-time benchmarks expand to the United States

We're excited to announce a significant milestone in Ravio’s goal of helping people and reward leaders manage compensation with confidence. Today, we have launched a selection of United States benchmarks into Ravio's compensation benchmarking platform.

Over the past year, we’ve expanded Ravio’s coverage to over 150,000 data points across Europe, with real-time benchmarking provided across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and more. Our expansion into the US market signifies our commitment to supporting the global tech ecosystem in paying fairly and transparently.

Why this matters

Ravio customers can now easily understand base salary for multiple American pay zones – in real-time. Whether you're a high-growth startup or a well-established corporation, Ravio empowers compensation leaders to compare salaries to industry peers, gain a live view of market trends, and build confidence in their compensation practices.

The US is a huge country and what may be competitive compensation on one coast, may be entirely different elsewhere. 

For example, let’s look at a P3 software engineer (per the Ravio level framework) across a few global hotspots for tech hiring.

In London, the median base salary for a software engineer is 67400 GBP, while Paris trails a bit at 55500 GBP. If the same software engineer were to move to San Francisco or New York, the median base salary for their location jumps up to 120800 GBP – a huge 79% increase on the London median and 118% increase on Paris. 

These figures highlight how significant geographical variations in base salary can be  (especially when comparing the US to Europe!), emphasising the importance of having access to reliable salary benchmarking data for the tech industry.

This trend extends beyond technical talent and includes critical functions in commercial and business organisations. 

Let’s take for example, a P3 finance generalist. In London, their average base salary would be 51700 GBP, while the same role in Paris averages 44200 GBP. A finance generalist being hired into a highly competitive hub for tech talent would earn an average base salary of 98300 GBP. 

Whether you have a presence in Silicon Valley or run a distributed team across the country, Ravio equips high-growth companies like Personio, WeTransfer, Linear, and more, with the data needed to make informed compensation decisions. It's now easier than ever to understand the nuance of compensation across the US, to ensure that US-based employees are paid fairly no matter where they’re located.

About Ravio benchmarking

Europe's fastest growing tech companies attract, retain, and motivate world class talent with compensation strategy and intelligence from Ravio.

From high-growth startups to hypergrowth unicorns, European tech companies use Ravio to:

  • Benchmark employee total compensation, including base salary, variable pay, equity, and benefits
  • Create salary bands that are easy to view, analyse, refresh and share
  • Streamline the compensation review cycle, with automatic levelling of your employees
  • Communicate compensation data with confidence and share insights across your organisation
  • Comply with pay fairness and transparency regulations, like the upcoming EU pay transparency directive.

How does Ravio work? 🤔

Ravio connects directly to your HRIS.

That means any time an employee is onboarded or a compensation change is rolled out in the market, Ravio’s insights remain up-to-date.

We’re GDPR and SOC-II compliant, and we use an independent third party (Vanta) to complete real-time compliance and security monitoring across our critical infrastructure.

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