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Ravio's compensation benchmarking insights expand to Germany

Today we're excited to launch our real-time compensation benchmarking dataset for Germany.

Ravio customers can now access benchmarking data for the German market, giving them accurate and actionable insights into employee salaries across Germany for the first time. With a wide range of roles available for benchmarking, and more filters for specific cities coming soon, we’re proud to be the best way for HR leaders in the German tech industry to get a live view of compensation trends, compare to peers, and adjust compensation practices accordingly.

Today’s launch in Germany means companies based anywhere in the country can now access benchmarks for their existing employees. At the same time companies based outside of Germany can also access real-time data on salaries, whether they have a satellite office, remote workers, or just want to check pan-European trends.

We’re working with HR leaders from companies like Personio, Moss, Flink, and Ecosia to provide them with trusted insights on compensation data, and we’re rapidly expanding our reach across Europe.

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About Ravio benchmarking

Ravio empowers HR leaders to answer their biggest compensation questions with real-time insights. Want to explore the market? You can navigate compensation and benefits benchmarks for specific job positions & levels. Want to analyse your company? You can assess compensation and diversity breakdowns such as gender pay gap by department, role and level for all of your employees.

Ravio connects directly to your HR information system (30+ integrations supported), so any time an employee is onboarded or a compensation change is rolled out in the market, Ravio’s insights remain up-to-date. Ravio automatically matches all your employees to our proprietary job framework that was co-developed with leading experts in the compensation and rewards space. This ensures the highest level of data standardisation and comparability.

Get access to real-time compensation benchmarking insights for companies and employees in Germany

This is the first version of our benchmarking module, so new improvements, additional regions, insightful visualisations, and more data will be coming fast!

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact support@ravio.com.