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Is your compensation more art or science?

Real-Time benchmarks
Real-Time benchmarks

Navigate your compensation decisions with Ravio’s live market benchmarks for Total Rewards

Base salary
Variable pay
Total comp
Diversity (DEI)

Filter to the most relevant market benchmarks for your compensation goals

Country (15+)
Funding stage
Automatic Levelling
Automatic Levelling

Ravio developed a job level framework in partnership with HR leaders from top European technology companies, enabling the most accurate apples to apples comparisons.

Connect your HR system in a few clicks
We match each of your employees to the Ravio framework
You can review and edit anytime
Live Market Insights
Live Market Insights

Ravio is the first in the industry to offer live market insights, so you can adapt to market trends as they happen

Annual salary increases
Hiring and attrition rates
Gender pay gap
New hire salaries
Promotion pay raises
Popular benefits
Analyse My Company
Analyse My Company

Make smarter compensation decisions with a comprehensive company dashboard

Compare employees to market
Evaluate pay equity
Assess retention risk
Refine benefits strategy
Understand org structure health
Track DEI goals
Salary Bands
Salary Bands
Salary Bands

Manage salary bands that are less painful, more powerful, and continuously calibrated with Europe's most reliable talent market data

View & compare
Assess employee distribution
Evaluate market competitiveness
Refresh band structure
Share with managers, recruiters, and employees
Say goodbye to old school surveys and spreadsheets
How Ravio Works

Ravio connects securely to your HR system. This means that any new hire or pay change instantly flows into our real-time benchmarks. No more old school surveys, spreadsheets. And you can accurately benchmark each employee without needing to provide manual updates.

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