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Ravio Launches Real-Time Compensation Benchmarking

We are excited to launch Europe's first real-time compensation benchmarking platform that is purpose-built for the tech industry! Ravio is the best way for HR leaders in the tech industry to get a live view of compensation trends, compare to peers, and adjust compensation practices accordingly.

We have built the most robust compensation data set available in the London tech industry, and we are rapidly expanding coverage across Europe. HR leaders at leading European tech companies like Deliveroo, Truelayer, and Zego are already trusting Ravio to make more informed compensation decisions.

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Today’s talent challenges

The talent landscape is changing dramatically, and there has never been more pressure on HR leaders to get it right. With the rise of hybrid work, the Great Resignation, inflation concerns, and shifting employee work expectations, HR has evolved from a support function to a top 3 strategic priority for CEOs (Gartner).

Compensation remains the key to winning or losing in today’s talent ecosystem. Total compensation is the #1 driver of retention and the #2 driver of attrition (McKinsey), and employees are demanding transparent compensation that feels fair and equitable. Best-in-class compensation structures in tech are rapidly evolving and becoming more complex than ever.

HR leaders are now faced with a never-ending stream of compensation questions:

  • How much will it cost to hire for a certain role?
  • What should I offer a remote candidate? Hybrid candidate?
  • What benefits package should I offer?
  • How should inflation factor into pay raises?
  • Can equity share plans unlock my team’s potential? (coming soon)

What are your biggest compensation challenges? Reach out to support@ravio.com and let us know.

Unfortunately, most companies still rely on patching together stale benchmarking datasets or hiring external consulting teams. Unsurprisingly, the resulting compensation structures are often rigid, mistrusted, and unable to adapt to the dynamic market.

About Ravio Benchmarking

Ravio empowers HR leaders to answer their biggest compensation questions with real-time insights. Want to explore the market? You can navigate compensation and benefits benchmarks for specific job positions & levels. Want to analyse your company? You can assess compensation and diversity breakdowns such as gender pay gap by department, role and level for all of your employees.

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Ravio connects directly to your HR information system (30+ integrations supported), so any time an employee is onboarded or a compensation change is rolled out in the market, Ravio’s insights remain up-to-date. Ravio automatically matches all your employees to our proprietary job framework that was co-developed with leading experts in the compensation and rewards space. This ensures the highest level of data standardisation and comparability.

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This is the first version of our benchmarking module, so new improvements, additional regions, insightful visualisations, and more data will be coming fast!

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact support@ravio.com.