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Ravio is partnering with People masterminds

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With the fluctuating job market - going from the great resignation to major layoffs in under twelve months - and a less-than-promising economic landscape across numerous European countries, the focus on retention and essential hires has ramped up. Getting it right is the key challenge facing People leaders in all organisations, from startups to scaleups, all the way to large companies.

Ravio’s mission is to provide these leaders with the right data to ensure the successful implementation of a Talent strategy, and support them throughout their journey as People professionals - supplying them with insights along the way. This is why we’re excited to announce that Ravio has partnered with People masterminds!

Ravio and People masterminds team up

Eveliese and Kristel, the founders of People masterminds, are both leading and forward thinking voices in the People & Culture space. Not only do they host a successful podcast since 2019 with more than 40,000 listeners, they also have a strong track record in various leading People roles at companies like Bynder, Backbase and Tony’s Chocolonely. With a seasoned team of experts, People masterminds strategically supports scale-ups in their growth and change from setting the roadmap to a Chief People On Demand service and strategic People and Culture projects.

Both companies share a strong belief that having the right data and insights allows businesses to build a lasting people strategy, empowering them to acquire, develop and retain the talent they need to supercharge their industry. This natural synergy means that Ravio and People masterminds will be supporting each other in sharing key insights in the challenges facing the People space: from retaining top talent in this new economic reality, to ensuring that reward packages are meeting employees’ needs, and that decisions are driven by real-time market conditions. 

  • “Compensation is one of your biggest expenses and should be a key strategic topic on the company agenda. How you deal with compensation is the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from other companies. Ravio offers very valuable insights for this. Not just real-time benchmark information, but everything you need to build a solid reward strategy.“

    Kristel Moedt
    Kristel Moedt
    Co-Founder at People masterminds
  • “Prioritising people and creating a positive culture can pave the way for unprecedented success. To effectively embody your organisation's culture and values, it is essential to align your reward philosophy and strategy with them. That's why we're excited to partner with Ravio, who provide us with great insights for developing comprehensive reward strategies that are truly effective.”

    Eveliese Luiting
    Eveliese Luiting
    Co-Founder at People masterminds
  • “Total rewards are a combination of science and art. This partnership between Ravio and People masterminds embodies exactly this thanks to our combined insights and experience. People masterminds has proven to be a successful strategic partner for many leading companies and our partnership will strengthen that further, by combining compensation insights with hands-on industry expertise.”

    Jeffrey van Brakel
    Jeffrey van Brakel
    Head of Benelux at Ravio

People Leaders dinner in Amsterdam

Together we will be hosting a number of events, which will kick off with an exclusive dinner on the 14th of March in Amsterdam, featuring Frank van der Leeden, Global Head of Rewards at Adyen. Tackling the topic of retention and the importance of building the right reward package in the current economic climate, the session will allow People leaders to come together and exchange ideas, challenges and expertise, building out the already strong People community. 

Merten Wulfert, Co-CEO at Ravio, commented: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with People masterminds and are excited that both Eveliese and Kristel strongly believe in Ravio as the platform for companies to find relevant real-time compensation data, get the latest trends and insights and to drive fair pay & transparency. Thanks to their contributions to the People space, we are excited to partner with such seasoned professionals, and to be able to ensure that the platform is built with People experts in mind.”

About Ravio Benchmarking

Ravio is Europe's first real-time compensation benchmarking platform, purpose-built for the tech industry. Connect your HR systems in minutes to see what the market is paying today, including salary, equity and benefits. Whether you are hiring, or simply want to analyse your current employees compensation versus the market, check out Ravio access is free!

The following forward thinking companies already use Ravio to make informed decisions around compensation.

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Get access to free real-time benchmarks in minutes!

This is the first version of our benchmarking module, so new improvements, additional regions, insightful visualisations, and more data will be coming fast! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact support@ravio.com.

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