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Ravio is Live in the Netherlands

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We’re excited to announce that Ravio has now launched in the Netherlands.

Ravio users can now access benchmarking data for the Netherlands, with access to relevant, accurate and actionable insights from across the market. In our easy to navigate tool users can:

  • See real-time market compensation data for specific jobs and levels, sourced directly from Europe’s leading tech companies.
  • Access benefits benchmarking, to help you understand total rewards.
  • Assess how compensation is distributed across teams, identify gender pay gaps, and understand where employees may be overpaid or underpaid.

Forward thinking companies like Mollie, Zivver and Studytube already use Ravio to make informed decisions around compensation.

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About Ravio Benchmarking

Ravio is Europe's first real-time compensation benchmarking platform, supported by People experts Anna Brandt & Noor van Boven. Connect your HR software - we support 30+ integrations - and get access to real-time market data for free within one hour.

Ravio automatically matches all your employees to our proprietary job framework, co-developed with leading experts in the compensation and rewards space. This ensures the highest level of data standardisation and comparability. Because Ravio does all the levelling work for you, getting ready only takes a few minutes and access is provided instantly.

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Get access to free real-time benchmarks in minutes!

This is the first version of our benchmarking module, so new improvements, additional regions, insightful visualisations, and more data will be coming fast! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact support@ravio.com.

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