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Product update: US benchmarks, automatically creating salary bands, and more

Here's to hoping 2024 is off to a good start and comp review preparations are going smoothly.

From new US benchmarks, to an even faster way of creating salary bands in a few clicks, to exploring the equity market, there's tons of new value available in Ravio.

Keep scrolling to explore the highlights! 

US benchmarking data is live in Ravio

We’ve launched salary benchmarks across the multiple pay zones in the United States, so you can now see what’s happening in the US market, in real-time.

Looking to expand to the US? Compensation is very different there, and we have the benchmarks you need to lead a successful expansion. That’s why we’re so excited to announce this – it’s a milestone in our overall goal to help people and reward leaders manage compensation with confidence.

Create salary bands < 10 seconds

Refreshing bands as part of a comp review is painful, but it doesn't need to be! Ravio will now automatically create salary bands from scratch – tailored to your organisation and compensation philosophy in less than 10 seconds. Answer 4 foundational questions, and Ravio does the rest!

Get a holistic view of each employee

It's now easier than ever to analyse employee compensation. Click into any employee's name to see an overview of key information such as the employee's total compensation, comparison against the market, and band placement. 

Explore the equity market with ease 

Understand common equity philosophies, explore popular vesting schedules, forecast new hire upside, and learn through country-by-country equity guides.

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