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Data & Security

  • Ravio was designed to offer enterprise-grade security from day one. We follow rigorous internal processes to restrict access to sensitive data and have implemented a wide range of technical safeguards to protect and encrypt every bit of data that flows through our systems. Learn more about how we do that on our Privacy page.

  • Yes, Ravio is fully GDPR compliant. All of our data is processed in accordance with our Data Protection Agreement and stored on European servers. We follow rigorous security protocols to keep our customer data safe.

  • All of Ravio's benchmarking data is anonymised and aggregated to ensure no individual or company can be identified. We match each of our customers’ job titles to our own library of standardised job titles to further eliminate any identification risk. Further, we only show benchmarks for roles which have at least 5 underlying data points to prevent backsolving to any individual or company.

  • No. Ravio operates on the principle of reciprocity - give to get. We do not charge for access to our core benchmarking product, but in return we ask each participant to contribute their own data. This approach will make the product even more valuable to all participants over time.

  • You can discontinue the service and have your account deleted at any time, just reach out to us at We will delete our integration to your HRIS and we will remove your data from our dataset in accordance with GDPR policies.

Compensation Benchmarking

  • Job levels (sometimes also called job grades) are used to segment and cluster roles by their level of responsibility and seniority. Most medium-sized and large organisations use job levels to design their compensation and career progression frameworks. There are many different methods and philosophies to develop job levels, hence there is no “standard” way of doing things. At Ravio, we have developed our own framework which helps us standardise roles and make them comparable.

  • Absolutely! In fact, as part of our onboarding process we will level all of your employees for you. You can adjust the result if something doesn’t look right, and can make our framework your own by using it for all of your future compensation decisions.

  • Yes. We developed our own framework working with some of the leading experts in the compensation and rewards industry. Our framework was designed with simplicity and practicality in mind, hence it aligns closely with some of the most widely used frameworks today.

  • Our core benchmarking product is free. The only thing we ask of each participant is to contribute their own data which makes the product even better over time for everyone. For all of our other products, please visit our Pricing page.

  • Unlike traditional survey providers, Ravio connects directly with its customers’ HR systems to offer real-time compensation benchmarking. This allows every customer to see how the market moves in real time instead of relying on stale datasets that are 6-12 months old. Thanks to our direct HRIS integration and automatic job mapping, we eliminate the need to fill out tedious compensation surveys. Our focus on tech companies enables us to offer a much more relevant dataset that can be filtered by funding stage, valuation, etc. Finally, Ravio’s benchmarking data also includes equity data which is almost impossible to find in the market today. Sounds exciting? Come and join us, our core benchmarking product is free.

  • Ravio connects directly to its customers’ HR information systems (HRIS) via API and hence is able to sync and analyse compensation data in real time.

  • Traditional benchmarking providers rely on compensation surveys which means that the data you are presented with is typically 6-12 months old. Ravio connects directly with each of its customers’ HR systems which means that every time a compensation change happens or a new employee is onboarded, we see the change in real time. This allows us to give our customers a live feed of the market, allowing them to spot trends and adjust their compensation practices accordingly.

  • Yes. We are currently focusing entirely on Europe and will be covering the main remote hiring hubs within Europe soon. But we are continuously adding new regions and are aiming to cover all main remote hiring hubs soon (especially for software engineers).

  • We always price equity by looking at the net value at the time of grant. For stock options, this means we take the underlying price per share at grant and subtract the strike price to calculate the net market value at the time the option is granted. This applies to both new hire as well as refresher grants. We do not take taxation or any increase in value post grant into consideration.

Product & Features

  • We are currently focusing on building Europe’s largest real-time compensation benchmarking database. Any European company can join our platform, but not all countries will be available for benchmarking immediately. To see the full list of active countries, please create an account to get free access to our core benchmarking product. We are continuously adding new countries and sub-regions as we scale.

  • Getting your HRIS connected to Ravio is easy. The instructions for your specific system will be shown during the onboarding process, but typically all you need to do is copy & paste an API key and follow simple instructions. We will tell you how to get this key in case you are unsure.

  • To see the full list of currently supported HR systems, please see our Integrations page.

  • If you can’t find your HRIS on our list of Integrations, you can still get access to our free benchmarking tool. Simply use our Excel template to upload your compensation details in the onboarding process. To get access to the template and start the onboarding, just click Sign Up above.

  • No. All of our data is strictly anonymised, standardised and aggregated before it enters our benchmarking database. We take data security and privacy extremely seriously, learn more on our Privacy page.

  • We will update our Pricing page as soon as we have a definitive launch date for Communicate.

  • We will update our Pricing page as soon as we have a definitive launch date for Manage.

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