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Product update: Ravio goes global with expanded data coverage

HR & Reward leaders need to feel confident when making nuanced compensation decisions – from anywhere in the world. 

To date, Ravio has been Europe's benchmarking leader across the total reward package. In December, we launched benchmarking data in the United States. Now, we're excited to announce that our global expansion continues.

Ravio is now on 4 continents – with three new countries (India, Australia, and Greece), four expanded countries (Denmark, Poland, Portugal, and Finland), and two refreshed countries (Hungary and Romania).

All Ravio data undergoes verification by our in-house benchmarking experts and data science team, so you can feel confident in every compensation decision.

Expanded data coverage

Ravio has expanded data coverage across several European countries. In Poland, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, and Portugal*, Ravio customers can access more benchmarking data in order to feel confident in every compensation decision.

New countries added

With Ravio's expanding benchmarking data, you can navigate the complexities of compensation decisions with ease, from anywhere in the world. Ravio is proud to announce benchmarking coverage for new countries in Europe and across the world including India, Australia, and Greece*.

Why this matters

HR and Reward leaders are on the hook for retaining and motivating employees across the world. And while technology binds teams and companies together, it’s still incredibly difficult to capture the nuance of competitive compensation across different geographies, industries, funding stages, and so on. 

With a million other priorities competing with compensation best practice, it’s more difficult than ever to feel confident in every compensation decision. That’s why comprehensive global real-time benchmarking data is so crucial. With Ravio’s global benchmarking data coverage, people and reward leaders alike can feel confident navigating compensation conversations across the world – all in one place.

To learn more about specific roles within your desired global markets, get in touch by booking a personalised demo.

* Global benchmarks are only available for Ravio customers on paying plans, or customers with access to all country data. Extra roles and specialisations are subject to local differentiation.